Dr. Seuss's The Cat in the Hat

Dr. Seuss's The Cat in the Hat
Everyone's favorite cat comes to mischievous life in this theatrical adaptation of the Dr. Seuss classic.

The National Theatre's adaptation of Dr. Seuss's The Cat in the Hat is a lively, engaging play with sound effects* for performance by adults for young children. Not a word has been touched or added to Dr. Seuss' classic, ensuring that anyone who's read the story will find themselves transported into the world they've always imagined.

From the moment his tall, red-and-white-striped hat appears around the door, Sally and her brother know that The Cat in the Hat is the funniest, most mischievous cat that they have ever met. With the trickiest of tricks and the craziest of ideas, he is certainly loads of fun. He turns a rainy afternoon into an amazing adventure... but what will mum find when she gets home...?

Featuring a cast of eight and with virtually no set needed, The Cat in the Hat is a perfect option for tours or for theatres with education programs. A production handbook and guide video are included in the materials, making staging this show delightfully easy to bring to life.

*Note on Sound Effects

Please note: Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat utilizes Sound Effects that requires a specific playback software, Figure 53’s QLab, that many theatres and schools already have. If not, QLab can be rented for a few dollars per day (Figure 53 also provide educational pricing). It requires a Mac computer, an 8-output sound-card and 8 individual speakers placed around the space.



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March 26, 2021
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Is there a soundtrack for this show please
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August 03, 2016
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Question about sound/music resources
I'll be doing sound for a production of this show in a few months, and I was wondering what is included with the show resources. Are all the sound effects and music included in the show resources? (I'm working off a 2010 video of production by National Theatre. Thanks!
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